The Great Mystery Of Godliness

The Great Mystery Of Godliness

A mystery always goes beyond the knowledge and understanding of man. It refers to something which cannot be explained by an ordinary man. Anytime we begin to explain mystery ordinarily, then it is no longer a mystery. 

A mystery is that which can only be known through the revelation of God according to the books of Romans 16:25–26; and Colossians 1:26–27. It is something that had been hidden in times past but is now revealed to God’s people. 

Godliness is a proper response to the things of God, which produces obedience and righteous living. Jesus Himself was the embodiment of pure godliness, which led Him to lay down His life for unworthy sinners that knew Him not, John 10:18.

His life was dedicated to the glory of the Father and was doing that which pleased Him. Christians must pursue godliness by following the examples of Jesus in dedicating every of their decision to the glory of God, 1 Corinthians 10:31.

The mystery of godliness is the heart of the Christian faith. The godliness of God’s Son Jesus Christ is now to be reflected in every Christian endeavor. Jesus as a son remained completely obedient to His Father in heaven and then offered Himself as a perfect sacrifice in our place.

And God raised Him from the dead, thereby conquering death for all who trust in Him. Jesus paid the price of death, that sinful man may be declared righteous before God and be “born again” John 3:3.

This new birth is spiritual which usually results in a change of heart that produces true godliness. How life can be transformed is the mystery of godliness and is comprehended only through the revelation of God. 

Godliness points to God’s manifested. What we are doing in the church today is an expression of God’s authority to mankind, command, and supremacy. 

The church is not only the house of the living God, the pillar and base of the truth but the church is also the mystery of godliness. Jesus said I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail over it. 

Godliness is more than a religious belief or lifestyle. Godliness is a nature and a means to be like God. It is a state in the divine realm which the modern Christian can inspire to grow in that realm. 

In I Timothy 1:3-4, Paul defined godliness as a character or qualities a believer should possess. He outlines the priorities of Christian life in the local congregation, and address the goal of Christian teaching, what it’s supposed to aim at.

In the same place, Apostle Paul cautioned Timothy to behave himself in the office he had occupied. He also showed him to what honor God had advanced him, and had placed him to govern his house. 

He told him also that the office itself was important and honorable. Because the church upholds the truth and nothing but the truth of God in this world.

And that there is nothing more precious, or more to be sought after than to know God, and to worship and serve Him, and be certain of His truth, that we might thereby obtain salvation.

When God said let us make man according to our likenesses in Genesis 1:26. God was referring to a state – a nature and that nature comes from God Himself.

”Likeness” – means having a person that is God-like, one who possesses the true nature of God. It is this nature of God in man that enables him to live the lifestyle of God. For without godliness, God-like, no one can live a godly lifestyle.

And this nature of God ”godliness” is dispensed in man only through His spirit. For, no man can house the wholeness of God. God can only dwell in man through His Spirit. Godliness can be possible only through the Holy Spirit of God. 

The Mystery Of Godliness

In Genesis 2:7, God inputted His nature through His spirit into mankind. The breath of life is the spirit of God in man enabling life to be in the man. 

The purpose of God’s breath is to enable mankind to live in the nature of God his creator. The Spirit injects the nature of God in every man. The spirit of God is a life forming spirit and a character-shaping spirit.

Godliness is the nature of God in our human spirit. If you don’t have this nature of God, then you can’t live out the life of God.

So, let us approach Him with reverence and love, for in Him all perfection resides, and from whom we are allowed to gain it. And let us come to Him the Sanctifier and we will be sanctified.

Let us come to Him to learn our duty, and to receive grace to do it and do it well to its fullness. Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us Titus 3:5. 

We always come before God as helpless beings who need to be made whole. During Jesus’ ministration on earth, many were brought on beds and couches to Him for a cure.

We come as little children to be fed and nurtured as new-born babes, desiring the sincere and spiritual milk of the word of God, that we may grow thereby 1 Peter 2:2.

If we seek life in Christ Jesus, we must understand that Jesus hath the whole Godhead in Him. For, it is written, “For with you is the foundation of life, and in your light shall we see light” Psalm 36:9.

If we must maintain our conquest against the devil and all his devices, and withstand the temptations of our enemies, we must put our whole trust and confidence in God. By Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. 

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