The True Power Of positive Thinking

The True Power Of positive Thinking

Thoughts are powerful neither positive nor negative. The true power of positive thinking is that it can influence and control every outcome of any situation in your life positively. 

The truth is that every thought that runs through your mind can help to manifest the life of your dreams or draw you closer to your destruction. 

Most people don’t realize the essential power of their thoughts and feelings. Some fail to understand that whatever they think about or focus on consistently, they move towards.

Believe it or not, the truth of the matter is that we are the product of our thoughts. For, whatever one thinks he becomes. And that’s part of the manifestation of your destiny. 

How you operate through your life and feel mainly depends on your thoughts. The power of thought is one power no one will ever wish to lose in life.

Your thought determines how you feel, it influences your decision, your actions, and every part of your life that you can control.

Thoughts are the most powerful and influential tools in changing your life. It is the most powerful tool that is capable of bringing things to light. But it can be so disastrous if you fail to manage it well.

Matthew 5:8, says that Blessed are those who their heart is pure, for they shall see God. Meaning that our heart is a place of thought and the first place of change.

Whatever change that happens to any life must start from the heart through what the heart thinks and feels. So program your mind on anything pure and true.

Every true worshiper of God must have a pure and renewed mindsets. Matthew 23;25-26 Jesus gave the Pharisees and scribes the new order of true worship.

True worship starts from the inside which is the heart to the outward. To have a clean, fresh, and true belief, we must have a pure heart.

Jesus in Matthew 5:17 said, my reason for coming is not to abolish the law but to accomplish its purpose. He came to change the way people think and reason in the normal way of God.

If you as a Christian still think the way you think before you met Christ, then you need a second touch. Once you are in Christ, a new system of thinking must begin in you.

Immediately you gave your life to Christ your mind is renewed by the spirit. You begin to think in line with the holy spirit. You become one in thought with the holy spirit. 

Then our Father in heaven the God of peace will now step in and give you peace even in the midst of the storm, and a new beginning nor matter where life has kept you. 


Can you think back to the last few days? What has your thought been like? What are those things you have given much time and focus to?.

The Holy Spirit, through the Apostle Paul, gave mankind a comprehensive list of characteristics that should define every man’s thought in life. 

These eight qualities determine the level of our thinking and how far we can go in life. 

And he said, In conclusion, my friends, whatever that is true, whatever that is honorable, whatever that is pure, whatever that is fair, acceptable, and commendable. Let your minds be filled with those things that are good, excellence, and that deserves praise Philippians 4:8.

1. Whatever that is true. 

Apostle Paul considers his readers as Christians who have been justified by the virtues of Christ Jesus. He used the affectionate and loving word brothers to describe them.

Those who are not to contemplate or think evil in their mind, as the wicked do. But they are to build their thought in the light of the glorious truth of the word of God.

He encouraged the Philippians to think about true things. In other words, Christians are not to fill their minds with idolatrous and unholy thoughts.

 It is very hard to know how to act or respond to issues if one doesn’t know the truth, which is the foundation for all of our thinking, decisions, and actions.

Jesus is the Truth Himself, as writing in John 14:6, And He said, I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me.

So Immerse yourself in the word of God by thinking about those things that are true. 

2. Whatever that is Honorable.

You can’t act or behave honorably when you are thinking like a toy that is being remoted by its owner. Always remember that your status in life is the product of your thinking. 

Because as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is according to Proverbs 23:7. So don’t mistake positive thinking with mediocrity. 

The Christians in Philippians were also encouraged by Apostle Paul to think about honorable things. They were also instructed to regard holy things with a proper measure of reverence. 

For a Christian, any discussion or conduct that is right must take place in the framework of the commandments of God.

If you want to be Honorable you must think honorably. If you want to make it and become a success in life you must be ready to think positively. 

The True Power Of positive Thinking

3. Whatever that is pure

The word “Purity” is a closely related term, referring to morality and decency, as well as what we might call “integrity.” 

Purity is a product of life in Christ, while impurity is the product of a polluted heart. Purity is that which is free from any contamination and pollution.

A life that is free from any form of immorality, such as infidelity, adultery, fornication, covetousness, murder, lying, selfishness, etc.

Christians are not to be characterized as those who plot on how to defile themselves and violate the commandments of God, by indulging in all these acts.

Rather, they are to consider the consequences of their actions in light of God’s law. Because every negative thought has its own consequences. 

4. Whatever that is just. 

God Has often encouraged His people to be upright and just in keeping His laws and in their dealings with their fellow human beings. And to live an innocent and blameless life. 

Most times we choose to focus our minds on those things we think can bring happiness, comfort, satisfaction, and pleasure to us. Without considering the consequences of those actions. 

Those who obey God’s commandments act in a just and upright manner before God as well as in their relationship with others.

So, don’t exchange good for evil nor matter what. Develop the mind of Fair treatment and approach to all men. Let the thought of equity overwhelmed your mind. 

5. Whatever that is lovely and commendable

The whole of God’s creation is lovely and commendable. Unfortunately, in our sinful nature, we often love and commend things that fall well short of commendable. 

When Apostle Paul speaks of things that are lovely and commendable. He was actually referring to things that reflect and exhibit love toward God and mankind.

Which include speaking and acting graciously and appropriately. Likewise, to think upon commendable things is to carefully consider and value things that are important and not irrelevant or things without purpose.

In other words, we are to spend time thinking about things that truly matter, not things that are temporary and have no lasting value. 

6. Whatever that is excellent and praiseworthy

Genuine and true moral excellence is manifest by conformity to the law of God. The word excellent bears the idea that something is exceptionally good, valuable beyond value.

It also describes man’s highest goal and true destiny. What else in this life can be more excellent and worthy of praise than God himself? 

Jesus even asked this question and equally answered in Luke 18:18-19, when he asked the rich, young ruler “Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone. 

Thereby, directing our thoughts in the God-excellent and admiring ways that Paul calls us to. So that while the wicked think on the evil and wicked things in their mind.

We the Christians will focus our thinking and meditation upon those things that are true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, excellent, and commendable.

Those who think upon these things will find themselves not reflecting the character of the wicked but the character of Christ Jesus Himself. Because their thoughts are centered upon God.


Keep your heart with all diligent for that is where life and death originated from. That is where destiny is made or destroyed. It is also where nothing becomes something, and small things become big. 

One of the gifts of God to man is the capacity to think. Anyone who doesn’t think is as good as not living. It is where all that you needed for survival in life originated from. 

The greatest human problem in this life is his thought. Because you can’t go far more than you can think. Your thinking is your doings.

If you can control how you feel and think, you will make a good decision. And your mood, desire, and actions will no longer depend on the circumstances but you.

Remember, once you have control over your thoughts, you have control over your feelings and actions too. And each of your thoughts shapes your reality more than anything else.

So, not having control over your thoughts, is as good as not having control over your life. Because when you have control over your thoughts.

It will put you back in control and allow you to reshape your life in any way that you want it. Choosing a thought of positivity will surprisingly mold your life way.

Practicing positive thoughts will create powerful and compelling healing in your emotion.

And your thoughts, feelings, and emotions will begin to radiate throughout your experience and color the experience of those in touch with you. 

Jesus is true, Jesus is noble, Jesus is right, Jesus is pure, Jesus is lovely, Jesus is commendable, Jesus is excellent and, most importantly, He is infinitely and eternally praiseworthy. 

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