Spiritual Awakening Unto Godly Living

 Spiritual Awakening Unto Godly Living

Spiritual awakening unto Godly living is the need of the hour. It is a call to higher consciousness and deeper mental awareness. Which brings about personal transformation and a change in one’s view towards life.

Spiritual awakening is a time we need to wake up from our spiritual slumber and deep sleep of our soul, beyond the confinement of our ego and pride and move to the light of God. 

For, the light makes everything visible. This is why it is said, ”Awake” O sleeper, arise and Christ will give you light Ephesians 5:14.

Before God speaks about Spiritual awakening. He has seen the spiritual asleep and unconsciousness of men. Spiritual awakening is a time to show the clear difference between a genuine child of God and an unbeliever. 

We have come to know that a person can be a church leader, occupy a notable position without knowing God. Such a person can claim to be a man of God but a hypocrite. 

Any church with a leadership that has missed the way is a church that is asleep and needs to awake. Many of the so-called Christians and church leaders today have been lulled into deep spiritual sleep and needed to awake. 

They can teach the bible very well, speak in tongues, prophesy, see visions, speak good and eloquent grammar. But their personal life doesn’t show evidence of one in good relationship with the Holy Spirit. 

While some are no longer interested in studying their Bible, giving time to prayer, attending prayer meetings, or going out for evangelism. This is the spiritual realities of the times we are living in.

Many have lost their spiritual weight. They are now living in their past glory but pretending to be what they used to be. When Spiritual awakening takes place, it takes over your entire being, your body, heart, mind, and soul. 


You become asleep once you are dead in transgressions and sins. And you automatically become accustomed to immorality without any remorse, regret, or shame.

     1: That leads you into believing you are the only better person 

     2: That you are “Good” and others are “Evil”

     3: You will see yourself as a “Spiritual Person” while others are “Carnal”

     4: You condemn everything done by another person

Whenever someone is asleep, he is no longer aware of what is happening around him. When you are in the condition of permanent sleep, your condition is as good as dead. 

Such a person becomes spiritually sick and disconnected from the things of God. People who are lost in spiritual sleep are no longer interested in facing the realities of their situation. 

The church, the body of Christ needs to awake because the church has been sick and even from the head. Some of our church leaders at the head of churches are sick spiritually. 

We must awake both as an individual and as a church unto righteousness and holiness. Unfortunately, so many people find it difficult to awake. They see it as an old fashion message. 

They don’t want to wake up because they are enjoying the sleep. There are people who enjoy the spiritual sleep and stupor into which they have entered. They have completely lost focus on spiritual things. 

Some People have become accustomed to dwelling in spiritual sleep and they don’t want anybody to wake them. If you try to wake them up they will become annoyed with you and even see you as their enemy.

Asking someone to “awake”, means that the person has a very poor spiritual perception of things happening around him. 

This is the finest hour of the church as spoken by Prophet Isaiah in Isaiah Chapter 2. But how can people run to Zion for different kinds of solutions to the world’s problems when the church is asleep. 

The great question to every individual is.

  • What is the state of your spiritual life?
  • Are you still sleeping?
  • Are you among those saying that nothing will happen?

It is the right time you wake up, for you have slept enough, and time is no longer on your side. When a man is sick and refused to accept that he is sick, there is no hope of healing. 

partaker of the divine nature




God promised us to be partakers of the divine nature 2 Peter 1:4. For anyone to be a partaker of the divine nature, the characteristics of God’s nature must be formed in him.

You become a partaker of the divine nature by subjecting your entire life daily to sanctification. So that Christ is formed in you and you live a holy life because God is holy Leviticus 11:45.

To be holy is to set apart from other people for the Lord’s use, Leviticus 20:26. The most important thing in your life is how much of Christ you have in you.

And not how much money you have in your bank, your position in the church or society. People looking on you want to see Christ in you and not position you occupied. 

Let it be clear that there is a spiritual awakening in your life. Are you lost to permanent spiritual sleep? It’s time to awake.

The shipmaster told Jonah, wake up from your sleep and call upon your God so that we don’t perish Jonah 1:6.  

The Holy Spirit through Apostles Paul encouraged everyone, to awake unto righteousness and sin no more, 1 Corinthians 15:34. Let Christ be seen as the person in charge, control, and full possession of your life.

If we must awake spiritually, we must return to the Bible. We must give quality time to study the Bible. It is not all about what you preach to others, but also what you want God to do in your life personally. 

If you must awake spiritually, you must also awake to prayers. It is not all about teaching prayers, but also getting involved in prayer yourself. 

So, awake unto salvation and allow Jesus to do complete work in your life. Awake unto righteousness, truth, holiness, honesty, Godly living, and unto winning of souls to the Lord. 

My prayer is that as you will decide today to awake from your slumber. May our heavenly father lead you into a newness of life in Christ Jesus

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