How To Prepare For The Coming Of Jesus

How To Prepare For The Coming Of Jesus

Nothing enjoys a greater mention than the subject of the second coming of Jesus Christ our Lord, in the whole compass of the Scripture. It occupies a major space in prophetic Scriptures. 

One in every twenty-five verses in the new testament, speaks about the Lord’s Second Coming. The second coming of Jesus Christ is the blessed hope of anyone washed with the precious blood.

Every new day renews the hope and expectancy of our Lord’s blessed appearing. The teaching of His coming is the hope and comfort for all watching saints.

”Wherefore comfort one another with these words” is a message of comfort. It is also a message of warning of the imminent coming of Jesus, the glorious catching away (rapture) of the believers. 

And the impending judgment of sinners. Therefore, the people of God in all nations look forward with eagerness and great yearning to the day of Christ’s second coming.

We look and expect it as the time of ultimate redemption and home gathering of all the saints. Though many people have reluctantly refused to believe in a literal returning of Christ.

They should, however, remember that it was difficult for even the Jews to believe Christ’s arrival. The great scholars and notable personalities did not believe nor accept Jesus as the promised Messiah until He was crucified.

To us, however, it should not be strange that Christ will come again literally and visibly. The prophecies of His first coming. Were completely fulfilled, So do those of His second coming be accomplished.

Jesus will come again at any time like the thief as written in the book of Revelation 16:15. This imminent approach is the glorious hope of the church.


From the testimonies of Jesus, His angels, and His chosen Apostles, the great event of the coming of Jesus cannot be denied or questioned. Jesus Himself first assured His disciples of His imminent return in Matthew 16:21-28.

He comforted His troubled and sorrowful disciples with the finest and most comforting message of His return, and his personal presence with them in the Fathers abode John 14:1-3. 

Besides, the personal promise of Jesus, about His coming is the announcement of the angelic heralds. Which said that this ascending Jesus will return in such manner you have seen Him go into heaven Acts 1:11. 

This message of the angel that Jesus shall come back in like manner makes the interpretation of Jesus’ personal, bodily, and visible return believable.

The apostles, especially Paul and John, rounded off the teaching on Christ’s coming. They solemnly declare in 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17 and 1 John 3:2 respectively. 

That, He shall descend from heaven with a shout of the voice of the archangel and the trumpet call of God. And our assurance is that when He shall appear, they that died in Christ will rise again and we shall be like Him. 

The coming of the Lord would be a great surprise to most men. It is likened to a thief in the night. The Lord will come as a thief. Who usually comes to steal in the dead of the night, when he is least expected.

The time of the coming of the Lord is uncertain. For you, yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Son of man shall come as a thief in the night.

To teach the believers of the immanence, suddenness, and uncertainty of the time of the Lord’s coming. Paul gives an analogy of a woman in labor, 1 Thessalonians 5:3.

Just like every pregnant woman knows she must pass through labor before giving birth to the child in her womb. But she knows not the day or the hour, so it is with the coming of Jesus.


While we do not know and cannot know the exact time of the coming of Jesus Christ. But, we can certainly know the season and times because the Lord’s coming will be heralded with signs.

The period that precedes the rapture and the tribulation forms what is generally referred to as the last days or latter times. And the signs of that characterize this period are the signs of the coming of the Lord.

The Lord, while answering three great questions asked by His disciples, noted the conditions of the time of His coming. He said in Matthew 24:12, and Paul also wrote in 2 Timothy 3:1-7.

That the last days are perilous times. It is the day cultural, scientific, and technological advancement will saturate the society though filled with spiritual ignorance. 

Nations will rise against each other, so do kingdoms. Rumors of war, famines, earthquakes, betrayal, sin, persecution of the saints, will be the order of the day. And that will cause the love of many shall grow cold. 

False prophets will also abound in the last days. These false prophets are rampant today in our generation, teaching false doctrines and given false hopes to their audience Matthew 24:4-11

watch and pray



In all these tribulations, God made a promise, that as many that will endure to the end will be saved. Without any debate, we are already in the last days, the days that will usher in our coming Lord.

Nothing is of greater importance to the true believer than the knowledge of the kind of character, life, and conduct that will make him ready for the hour of His coming. In the light of this, John the beloved warned in 1 John 3:3.

Everyone that has this hope in God must keep himself pure, just as our master is pure. For, anyone who commits sin is breaking the law of God. 

As you prepare for the coming of the master, you must watch and pray. Watchfulness and sobriety are necessary because those that sleep, sleep in the night; and those that are drunken are drunken in the night. 

Remember, the end of the world is at hand, therefore, be sober, watch and pray, for blessed is he that watch. You must maintain a holy walk in Christ and remember that without holiness no man shall see the Lord Hebrews 12:14.

The holy people of God are those that will meet the Lord Jesus face to face. Bible says Blessed and holy is the man that hath part in the First Resurrection which is the rapture Revelation 20:6.

Working and watching is part of the saints’ preparation for the coming of the Lord. Just like the Jews of Nehemiah’s days in Nehemiah 4:16-18.

Who were on their guard against the enemy, as they built the walls of Jerusalem. They do the work with one hand and hold their weapons on the other hand. 

This is the time to prepare in personal inner holiness for the time is short. By separating yourself from the corrupt worldly system and begin to do the works of the master. 

It is the time for total repentance, for tomorrow may be too late. The time for the forgiveness of sin for every repentant sinner. For, there is rest for the wandering sinner and there is salvation for the lost soul.

You must work, watch and pray so that; when the Lord returns He will say to you “well done my child” because you kept His charge. 

Therefore, prepare to meet thy God Amos 4:12-13. Turn away from your sin, confess, repent, and forsake them.

Watch and pray and the Lord will give you rest when he returns in His might. says prepare to meet thy God.

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