The Consequences Of Faithlessness

The Consequences Of Faithlessness

Faith, we understand is the ability to believe in something before seeing it. According to the book of Hebrews 11:1. Which says that faith is the substance of things we hope for, and the evidence of things we did not see. 

Faith is very very important, without it, it is impossible to please God. For anyone that comes to God must believe that He exists. And that He rewards those that earnestly seek Him, Hebrews 11:6. 

Meaning that serving and pleasing God should be by one’s desire, passion, and will and not by persuasion. For, without faith, it cannot be done.

Also, in John 8:24 Jesus warned, that anyone who refuses to believe that He is what He said He is, will surely die in sin. Those who will not truly and faithfully serve Him will surely die in their sins, for they are destined to hell. 

But for those who die in the Lord will be blessed. The Lord shall give them rest from their labors, sufferings, and persecutions. And their good deeds will follow them, Revelation 14:13.

Faithlessness leads to sin, doubt, and unbelieve. Most of the people on earth like to see before believing the word of God to them. This is disastrous for anyone who lives his or her life that way. 

In Noah’s generation, When God saw the wickedness, violence, and corruption of man He created in His image and was placed on earth. 

The wickedness of man was so great, that every imagination and thoughts of his heart were only evil. It broke God’s heart and He regretted that He had made man. 

God was so enraged toward man. And He decided to destroy both the man He created in His own image, the beast of the earth and every other created thing on earth. 

However, in that wicked and ungodly generation, God still had remnant in Noah who lived righteously and so found grace in the eyes of God. 

And God told Noah I am tired of man, his wickedness, and evil imaginations. I am about to bring to an end all flesh before me. And I will destroy them with the earth, by the flood of water. 

I will destroy the earth, but my covenant with you my son Noah I will establish. God instructed Noah to build an ark to escape the great destruction that is about to come upon the earth, Genesis 6:5-22.

Noah by faith, moved though filled with fear, built the ark as instructed by God. His 120 years warning and preaching to his people to forsake their evil ways, and turn back to God, and be saved proofed abortive.

They doubted Noah’s word from God; and kept having their parties, giving to marriages, etc. There was enough enjoyment that even when Noah and his family entered the ark they did not know until the flood came.

And God broke up the foundations of the great deeps. And opened the windows of heaven and it rained for 40 days and night and it took them all away. Matthew 24:37-39, Genesis 7:11-23.

Their doubt, unbelief, sin, and faithlessness cost them eternal life. Just like faithlessness made the five foolish virgins not to go with their master Jesus Christ. They never believed He will ever return as He promised them. 

They never lived to please the master but themselves, satisfying their lustful desires. Due to, their unbelief in the word of God. They were unable to follow their master when He returned because they were not ready. 

After that, the whistle was blown and the door of heaven and eternal life was shut against them as in the days of Noah. Matthew 25:1-12, Genesis 7:16. 

Beloved, the same warning is coming now, as in Noah’s days. Wickedness, brutality, corruption, and unbelief have multiplied on earth even worst than Noah days. 

Be away that destruction will certainly come upon those who fail to listen to this glorious call of repentance by God. Those that ignored the advice of the Holy Spirit in Revelation 10:6. 

Which says that there is no more time. As it was in the days of Noah. God in His mercy and compassion is pleading to everyone today, never to remain in your sinful indulgence.

Mockery, doubt, or wait to see like Noah’s generation, before believing that Jesus is coming soon, 2 Peter 3:3-5. Wake up now, and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior for we are already in the last days. 

noah's generation


Give your complete attention to the word of God. For, the trumpet of God is about to sound. Only those who hear the sound will be taken up, 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18.

Anyone who missed this glorious taking of the saints. Will be consumed by the full wrath of God and antichrist virus says the spirit of God in Revelation 6:15-17, 13:16-17, 4:9-12, 16:1-21.

Don’t be among those whose love has waxed cold, people who are lovers of themselves. Who have taken offense at God, and have denied Christ and betrayed others because they are not followers of Christ but hell-bound.

This is not God’s wish for us. Rather He wants us to be true Believers who endure these persecutions. Obeying His word and maintaining our faith in Christ unto the end. 

So, stop defiling yourself with the trivial things of this world without eternal values. And hurry to escape from God’s coming judgment of destruction of the faithless and unrighteous. 

The corrupt, idolators, witchcraft, murderers, and liars, etc. Those who give devotion to anyone or thing other than God almighty. Their end is in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone. Revelation 21:8. 

Believe in God’s word now, and run into the ark which is Christ Jesus. And you will be able to endure, withstand, and overcome the persecution and troubles of this world that is already here. 

These troubles and persecutions have come to wake up mankind to turn to Christ. So, give your life to Christ and be born again. Genuinely repent, forsake, and turn away from all sinful acts and unrighteous living.

God is merciful and just, He will forgive all your unrighteousness and He will accept you back. Because that is why He came and died on the cross of Calvary to save the world from the hand of the enemy. 

Live a Holy life in speech, thought, and actions. And also, by studying the word of God daily so that you will grow in the Lord.

God bless you, and may He give you the grace that will help and sustain you. Even in this trying period in Jesus name Amen…

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