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Rev. Pst. Ejikeme Ejim (Acting General Superintendent Assemblies Of God Nigeria) Message To Christians

Rev. Pst. Ejikeme Ejim (Acting General Superintendent Assemblies Of God Nigeria) Message To Christians

Rev. Pst. Ejikeme Ejim the Acting General Superintendent Assemblies Of God Nigeria in his April message thank God on behalf of the entire Assemblies of God Nigeria family.

Not only has He brought us safely to the end of March 2020, but He has also brought us into the month of April 2020. And of course, we know that by his grace, we shall get to the end of April and far beyond.

We must give attention to the coronavirus pandemic that is now plaguing the entire world, and Nigeria has not been left out.

We would, therefore, do well to take note of the following:

In the first instance, I encourage every member of the Assemblies of God and the body of Christ all over the world. 

General Superintendent Assemblies Of God Nigeria

To please get as much credible information as you can through the television, national dailies, and radio.

As we get this information, we should do our best to comply in our own interest as individuals, the interest of your family, your kindred and every other person around you.

We have to obey the government, as the government rolls out various policies in the best interests of the nation at this time.

You may have heard many pronouncements about the Rapture of the saints during this period. So many people have also come out as spokesmen and women for GOD.

With “messages” of on-going divine judgment. Please stick completely to what the Bible says. We know that the Rapture would come suddenly, in the twinkle of an eye.

There would be no immediate preceding signs; neither would there be any introductory media broadcasts. Also, it is proper to remind us that we have absolutely nothing to fear.

Because we are children of God. What we are going through this period. We do not have the spirit of fear, but we’ve been given the spirit of love and of power and of a sound mind.

The Holy Spirit is going to see us through this time. The love of God is going to cover us as we remain under the everlasting arms. 

Ejikeme Ejim

Finally, just to remind us, the Bible says in the book of James 5 vs16b; “The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

We are putting on the righteousness of Christ and then we’ve been involved in prayers all this time. We are still involved in prayers and we shall continue to be involved in prayers.

We are trusting God, who hears and answers the prayers of his people, to undertake, not only for the church but for the whole world.

And roll away this plaque from the world as an exercise of His love and mercy. He’s going to do it in answer to our prayers and we are very sure of that.

So let’s keep praying: personal prayers, family prayers, group prayers, church prayers, praying with all types of prayer, and trusting God.

By His grace, we shall enter into May, with lots of testimonies to the glory of God.

I like this song so much just a short chorus: “l believe God answers prayers, I am sure God answers prayers, I have proved God answers prayers…Glory to His name.”

May the Lord bless you; may the Lord answer all our prayers, in Jesus name, Amen.

Rev. Pastor Ejikeme Ejim.
Ag.General Superintendent
Assemblies of God, Nigeria.

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