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Persistence The Key To Every Success And Fulfillment

Persistence The Key To Every Success And Fulfillment

Persistence the key To every success and fulfillment. It produces the solution to every problem at the end. Persistence is the power that keeps one going even in the midst of obstacles.  

It is a quality that empowers someone to continue doing something or trying to do or to achieve something even when it seems difficult, impossible, or been opposed by other people. 

Utilization of persistence to any task, or goal. It is often what differentiates between those who are successful and those who give up too quickly in any attempt. 

Nothing in this life can take the place of persistence and determination when it comes to achieving one’s goal. Thoughts, ideas, and insight alone won’t get you to the goal line, you will need to do the necessary work to reach the objective.

One thing is to have goals and aspirations, another important thing is to take action that can lead you to achieve them. When it is combined with energy and passion, goals will be achieved.

Though you may encounter failures and disappointments on the way. Nevertheless, you must not be defeated. persistence is the ability to keep going after failure, disappointment, and mistake. 

There are many individuals whose names are never heard about in this life. Not because they did not try or attempt on something that could have better their lives.

But because they gave up on the edge of their results and discoveries. The success of this life is all about persistence, perseverance, and determination.

Elisha was a man who was very persistent and resolute in his pursuit of greatness in life. According to 2 Kings 2, Elisha continued following his master Elijah even when people abused him thinking he was wasting his time. 

Elijah traveled from Bethel to Jordan and from there to Jericho. Yet, Elisha would not let go, he continued following him. He was persistent and determined in achieving his God-given destiny. 

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NOTE: If you will ever get answers to your prayers you must understand that you have a great role to play. Also, you must understand that sometimes, there is a place of waiting before a prayer is answered.

Some problems and difficulties of this life have a required number of hits they must receive before they become leveled. Naaman had to dip himself in the water seven times before He could get his cleansing.

Thank God he did not stop at the fifth or sixth dip when he discovered there was still no change. For, it takes persistence and determination to get the miracles you desire from God. 

It is apparent that the woman in the book of Luke 18:1-8. Who has been abused and mistreated, continued to persuade the judge for assistance.

There are many things said to her by the judge which were enough to discourage her from going back to him. But she refused to be stopped by those degrading, humiliating and embarrassing words of the judge.

She persisted in her visits, cries, and calls for justice and fairness to prevail in her case. Until she got the attention of the judge on her case she remained steadfast in her want.

You must understand that there is no problem in life without an expiry date. God is a God of plan and purpose, He does everything according to His own perfect will.

Matthew 7:9 says, Who is the man among you whose son will ask him for bread and he will give him a stone? 

Then if men as wicked as they are know how to give good gifts to their children. How much more our loving Father who created us in His own image. Won’t He give us those things we ask of Him? 

But those who did not understand Him today. They have given up hope at the point when they are so close to their blessings. They become impatient and anxious over their miracles.

And in most cases, they begin to look for alternatives, that will not give them the kind of joy they desire at the end. They conclude themselves even when God is still busy working for there favor. 

They see their miracle as taking too long to come, or probably it may not come. Don’t be discouraged or faint in your spirit like such people. 

Always keep your hope alive nor matter what, and continue to push until something happen, until you get that which you want out of life. 

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Life is not a bed of roses like some people think. Life doesn’t give you success just by speaking in tongues. No, it doesn’t work that way! You have to put in your body, soul, and spirit in the pursuit of your dreams.

As the woman continued to press the unjust judge. To the extent that everywhere this judge went, he saw the woman there pleading passionately for her case to be looked into.

Her presence began to create problems for him so much that he had no other option than to grant her petition. Never you allow the winds of adversity of this life, doubt, and fear deny you of your divine inheritance. 

For, success is the result of hard work, learning from past failure, loyalty, perfection, and persistence. The qualities that will carry you through to achieve your goals are often neglected. 

Sometimes feelings of loss, failure, and anxiety will sneak in to stop you from moving forward. When they do, try to maintain your courage instead of igniting fear.

Because every part of our journey to success is tough and difficult. You must be ready to fight and overcome the resistance with unrelenting persistence. 

If you want to become a champion in life and in your endeavor. You must keep going even when it seems impossible to achieve. No matter the hardships, afflictions, and sorrows you face.

Determine to face them with persistence and determination and you will have your success. The worse you can do is quit! Remember they say winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win. 

Therefore, keep playing the game until you achieve your success by lifting the trophy… 

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