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7 Positive Steps To Overcome Negative Thoughts

7 Positive Steps To Overcome Negative Thoughts

How to overcome negative thoughts. Negative thoughts most times can have a strong and devastating impact in return on our health, work, relationships, business, reasoning, and even our entire lives. 

Negative thoughts are those thoughts that are formed in the heart. Which directly or indirectly causes emotional damages in our lives. Such as anxiety, depression, panic, doubt, fear, frustration, shame, etc.

What you think about yourself automatically turns into your reality. If you draw inaccurate conclusions about who you are and what you are capable of doing, that limits your potential. 

Your thoughts are an instigator for self-lifting. What you think directly or indirectly influences your feeling, behavior, and reaction to issues. For, as one thinks within himself, so he is Proverbs 23:7. 

So if you think you are a failure, you will certainly feel like a failure, and will equally act like a failure. This reinforces and bolsters your belief that you must be a failure.

Negative thoughts or assumptions lead one into a state of confusion and discouragement. Someone who develops the belief that he’s a failure will always view each mistake as proof that he’s not good enough.

When he managed to succeed at something, he will conclude it to be luck. But that is not true. It might not be your luck or talent or lack of skills that are holding you back.

Instead, it might be your beliefs or actions towards life that keep you from getting to your mountain. Negative thoughts can prevent or distract you from focusing on what is important.

One thing you must understand is that thoughts are self-arising. They appear by themselves, apparently out of nowhere, and then disappear like clouds passing across the sky.

These negative thoughts mostly come when you’ve had a setback, disappointment, or have failed in what you hope you would have succeeded in. This time negative thoughts may start to crop up. 

In this kind of situation, all you need is to ask yourself better questions. Questions that will help you to feel better. Questions that will help you realize that situations only come for you to learn and grow stronger.

Questions like:

  1. What is one good thing about this situation, and what do I have to learn from it? Because in every situation or circumstance there are lessons to learn. 
  2. What is one thing I can do differently the next time I face this kind of situation to likely have a better outcome? Here the lessons you had from the past mistake or wrongdoing will now help you to get it right. 

Remember, when you think, you build thoughts, and those thoughts automatically become physical substances in your brain. Meaning, when you think positively you become productive, successful, and effective in all your endeavors. 

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7 Wonderful Steps That Can Help You Prevent And Overcome Your Negative Thoughts:  

1. Know Your thought and Challenge The negative. 

Our minds have clever and persistent ways of convincing us into believing things that are not really true. These inaccurate and misleading thoughts bolster negative and contradictory thinking in us.

If you can recognize them, you can learn to confront and fight them. Until you understand your thought you will continue to see only the negative side of every situation. 

Learn to evaluate situations and know whether it is for your own good. And that will give you a platform to respond wisely to any situation and circumstance.

Romans 8:28 says that all things work together for good, both good and bad. Both those difficult circumstances and situations, they all work together for those who love God. 

2. Have a positive and Godly mental attitude:

Creating a more Godly and positive outlook can lead to better outcomes. Optimistic and encouraging thoughts lead to productive behavior, which increases your chances of a successful outcome.

Having a positive mental attitude or perspective is asking yourself the best way something can be done, rather than saying it can not be done entirely.

It’s better to be an optimist who is sometimes wrong: A person who preferred to be hopeful and expect good outcomes. Than a pessimist who is always right: Who always believes that what he hopes for will not come.

Do not be conformed, practice, or follow the customs of this world. But allow God to transform you into a new person by changing the way you think, reason, or imagine things.

And then you will learn to understand God’s will, which is good, pleasing, and perfect will of God for you. Romans 12:2. 

3. Do away with self-pity: 

Self-pity finds it so hard to accept a situation or circumstance in your life. It has an inexplicable desire for the sympathy and condolences of others, and will always make you feel like a victim in any circumstance.

Self-pity is an artificial feeling of pity over one’s own life, position or circumstance. It is so dangerous mostly When it is made a habit. it does not only prevents or hinders the progress we make in life, but it creates self-sabotage. 

When it springs up inside of you, it can quickly become poisonous which is capable of holding you back from living the life you want. It is so dangerous to anyone who wishes to excel in life.

Most times it starts with just a thought or a feeling, or maybe with a word uttered by a friend or someone else. And that starts drawing you into feeling sorry for yourself. 

It can also put you in a state of confusion and discouragement. Making you believe that there is no point in taking any action at all. It is an enemy to humankind. 

4. Stop getting too focused on your past mistakes. 

There is nothing bad about reflecting on past experiences because we learn and grow from them sometimes. But remaining in the situation thinking and wishing if things were to be different is where negativity steps in. 

Continuing to dwell and imagine them over and over in our minds with no intention of learning from them, often creates feelings of shame, guilt, and regret. 

Most of us spend a lot of time inside our own mind worrying about the future, focusing on the parts of life that leave us unfulfilled and frustrated. Instead of accepting things as they are and move on. 

Instead of focusing on the future and other things that tend to be positive. You are in a place thinking of the wrong and the mistakes you did last. 

Understand that the mistake you made today doesn’t determine the end of you. And the negative situation you face today does not mean that things will get worse and stay like that forever. 

Rather consider those difficult times as a stepping stone to your destiny. 

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5. Replace the negativity with positivity. 

You have the power and ability to change your reality by moving your focus to positivity. For, whatsoever you choose to see, hear, think, or do determines your reality and existence. 

As happy thoughts appear, so do sad thoughts. A positive thought makes it easier to keep you going. Because whatever you let into your mind has a great effect on you. 

With passion and the optimistic way of thinking you will remain focused until your goals are achieved. 

Therefore, changing the way you think or reason transforms your perspective towards life, which will further modify your actions towards the things of this life. 

So learn to spend your time on more positive things and people. Trust in your ability and never to see yourself as impotent, weak, or unproductive.

6. Challenge Your Conclusions

Take a look at the labels you have placed on yourself. Have you declared yourself incompetent, ineffective, or a failure? Or possibly you have resolved you are never going to make it in this life.

Always remind yourself that you are created for a purpose that must be achieved. You don’t have to allow those beliefs to restrict or limit you from hitting your potentials

So, if you think you are not good enough or the state you are now is not good enough. Then do something that will help you to feel worthy. With constant practice, you can train your brain to think differently.

Our minds are powerful, and our thoughts shape who we are and will become. When you give up those self-limiting beliefs, you will be better equipped to reach your greatest potential. 

Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make.

Oh, that you would choose life so that you and your descendants might live! Deuteronomy 30:19. 

7. Practice gratitude. 

Learn to appreciate your self, research shows that feeling grateful has a big impact on your levels of positivity, satisfaction, and happiness. Even when things look so bad, when you are experiencing a challenging time, you can still find something to be grateful for. 

Don’t Just condemn yourself because someone criticized you, or something you did does not come out the way you planned it. Most people in this situation will believe the negative things others say about them. 

Never you allow yourself to be made a victim of any kind by accepting people’s definition of your life. Rather, define yourself by yourself. 

By accepting the fact that you are created by God in a unique way. And that you have been made worthy as any other individual on earth. This will make it easier for you to believe in yourself. 

Take time to relax and acknowledge all the hard work you have done, all the efforts you have put in place in other to have success. And all you have already accomplished.

Always be grateful for yourself for a few of the things you may often take for granted. When we go on dwelling in negative thought it’s easy to forget the positive things of life. 


Our minds or thoughts is a superb instrument if used rightly, but can become very destructive if used wrongly. 

2 Corinthians 10:5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of God. And bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

The good news is that with dedicated practice of the word of God. You can replace negative thinking patterns with thoughts that can truly lift you to your destiny. 

For, as we think positively, we change the physical nature of our brain, understanding, and thought. Which can make a huge difference in our day-to-day happiness and comfort. 

Once we begin to realize and acknowledge how bad and dangerous those negative thoughts are to our lives, future, and destiny. We will begin to have a choice in how we respond to them as they occur in our daily living. 

As we consciously direct our thinking, May God help us to change the patterns of our negative thinking and replace them with healthy and positive thoughts. 

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