The Bread Of The Spirt [The Word]

The Bread Of The Spirt [The Word]

The word of God remains the bread of the spirit and the source of the believer’s strength and power. You may be missing God and his word in your spirit. Because you are trying to figure God out with your own intellect.

The simple truth is that no man can know God with the human mind. Because man is limited to certain things. That’s how nature made it, to be.

Specifically, many believers also thought that they will know God by their academics qualifications. But that is not true, in fact, most times, too much education without insight into God’s word puts an individual in danger.

The more they pursue education the less spiritual impact they make. You don’t know God by your academic height or level. Neither will your commitment and many years of service in the house of God make you know God better.

1 Samuel 3:7, Here, Samuel did not yet know the Lord, and the word of the Lord had not yet been revealed to him. Even though he was serving the Lord under Eli and yet he did not know the Lord.

Because the word of God had not yet been revealed to him. Many of us want to know God the way we know our fellow human beings.

Some want to know him by prayer and fasting. Fasting and prayer only help us in our faith when we know God to overcome our enemies.

There is no religious organization that does not observe fasting and prayer, and yet it has not made them know God. Besides, we don’t only know God by reading and studying His word, but by meditating on it. 

Psalm 119:99, Meditating on your statutes has given me more insight and understanding than all my teachers. Reading and studying the word of God can only give you knowledge of Bible stories. 

We know God more by meditating on His word. When we push the world of God into our spirit, our spirit will be enlightened and consequently educate our minds.

When we educate our minds with the word, the spirit will cause us to fear God and also keep his commandments. 1 John 2:4, The word of God says The whole of man is to fear God and keep his commands. 

He who says, I know Him and keeps not His command is a liar. He does not know him. Furthermore, you don’t know God once and for all, no, we know him on a daily basis.

The Bible says, Trust in God. Meaning we should trust in His word. And stop visualizing God as a physical being, but as a spiritual being. And because God is spirit, He must be worshiped in spirit.

Therefore, lift His word from the pages of the Bible. And paste it to your spirit through meditation and confession of the word of God, day and night.

If you transfer the word of God from the pages of the Bible through confession to your spirit. The spirit which is the word of God will move you to follow God’s decrees. And also enable you to obey His laws. 

your spirit

Ezekiel 36:27 God said, that He will put His spirit in you and move you to follow His decrees and be careful to keep His laws.

Why many believers fail today is because they want to use their intellectual powers to move themselves to follow God’s decrees and to obey his laws.

As a matter of fact, every living thing feeds on something. So do God, the bread of God is His word. John 6:33 says, that the bread of God is the one that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.

You are now God’s image by virtue of the new birth. What your father eat is the food you will eat also. Feed your spirit now with the word of God.

And see if the greater you, will not arise and challenge the enemies of your soul. Feed him and see if your world will not change, and that sickness flee from your body.

In connection with this, your spirit has been under starvation for a long time now and can not believe in the true word of God anymore.

As long as the spirit is weak, your ability to possess strong faith is been defeated. Because if the spirit lacks the word of God, the flesh takes over and overshadow the spirit.

Regular confession of the word of God will fish out all demonic activities going on in your life and your family. It can also reveal the mysteries you did not know about their existence in your family.

The devil can not subject you to unmerited hardship again. When Adam and Eve fell from grace. God made thorns and thistles grow from the ground symbolic of the cursed land.

The crown of thorns Christ wore is a symbol of that very cause. By wearing a crown of thorns on the cross of Calvary, Christ took upon himself our inherited cause.

Therefore, disassociate yourself from the economy of this world. And place your faith in God’s word which has exempted you from all curses.

I am the bread of life. Anyone that comes to me will never go hungry, and anyone that believes in me will never be thirsty. John 6:35. Many believers today are spiritually hungry. 

While some are thirsty because they don’t eat the bread nor drink the fountain of life. Let me say this, you can not know God by your own power.

God will only reveal himself to you when you pour your spirit, which is the enemy’s target. The word of God is true and does not fail, nor change, it is forever settled in heaven.

When you confess the word, there will be a spiritual transaction that will move you from where you are now to where you are supposed to be.

As you confess the word of God your spirit is hearing it. And the spirit transferred the word into you to build your faith. Because faith comes by hearing and hearing by only God’s word.

It is what that goes into the spirit that gives faith and makes it strong. When we fail to push enough words into our spirit, we will be walking in the flesh. 

word of god

But when we are controlled supernaturally as a result of our spirit that is well fed with confession of the word of God. There will be no room for carnal and fleshly tendencies.

The only way you can subdue your enemy, the devil. Is by observing your regular confession of the word of God. What I am saying here, is not for you to discontinue your usual devotional activities.

But for you to include regular confession of the word of God to what you are doing now to enable you to make a meaningful impact on your generation.

Because just as your body needs food and drinks every day to be sustained physically. So does your spirit needs the Word and the Holy Spirit every day to stay strong Spiritually.

In the book of Matthew 4:4, Jesus told Satan that Man shall not live only by bread. But by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

His Word literally feeds us, when we read and meditate on it. Therefore, it’s left for you as an individual to choose, whether to read and meditate on the word or not.

The word of god is our Comforter, Helper, Power, Teacher, and our Advocate. There is nothing we can not do when we are filled with and controlled by this word.

So stay refreshed and be renewed in the Word and Spirit of God. And you will live the overflowing well deserved life in God. 

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    God’s Word definitely remains the bread of the spirit and soul of man, thank you evangelist for sharing this post.

      God bless you, Cecilia for your comment

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