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8 Silly Mistakes That Can Kill Your Destiny

8 Silly Mistakes That Can Kill Your Destiny

To be successful in life there are certain silly mistakes that must be checked… If you really want to discover and develop your God giving potentials…

Potential is a quality that someone has or possessed that can be developed, in other to help the person become successful and great in life. 

The word “Potential” comes from the root words “potency” and “potent” which refers to all the things one can do and be successful.

Collectively, we have all the potential we need to create and sustain our world and career. God has buried lots of potentials in every human being on this planet earth according to their capabilities.

Some of us are great in technology, while some are experts at telling stories. Others excel in business, while some are good financial managers, some are inventors and designers, etc. 

Meaning that all of us have inside us one seed of greatness or the other. Which can only-begotten, by continuous effort and struggle.

Because you can not witness any development be it physically, spiritually, or intellectually without hard work. Only but a few realized this.

That discovering their potential through hard work will give them access to change and redefine their destiny. And equally, change their lives in the process.

While some have discovered theirs, but laziness and procrastination have been the order of the day. Believing they will be on their bed and success will just hit them. 

One thing is for one to discover his or her potentials. Another thing is to put them into action for a better result. Otherwise, it will remain as it were.

But if you discover and use your gifts, talents, and natural abilities. It will also help you to become the best version of yourself and make your dreams come true.

Nothing is more important than using your limited time and energy on earth to do the things you love and enjoy doing. Now that you are still living.

Most times we are been tricked and deceived by the system of the world we are living in. Nevertheless, life still remains the most precious and cherished thing on this earth.

For as the world has different natural resources in every country of the world. So do men have different potentials and talents.

The potential, talent, and gifts that are hidden in us by God will continue to lay dormant if we fail to discover and put them into work.

When we try to look for what will make us succeed in life outside the talent in us. We end up pursuing shadow. Because our success cannot be found anywhere else but in us.

All the things we needed to be successful in this life is already deposited in us. But most times our inability to discover them has been our major setback.

There is greatness in every individual, but only those who know the value can achieve it. The only exceptional people are those who were able to discover and develop it.

The difference between the people who succeeded and those that did not. It is their ability to do extraordinary things that the unsuccessful ones could not do.

Because in every success, there is a secret. And every success has a key that unlocks it. If the owner fails to explore the keys to unveil the treasure, failure is inevitable.

Do you really wish to excel in life? Then think of these silly mistakes and avoid them if you must achieve your goals and have success. Because making one or more of them could destroy your destiny beyond repair.

8 Silly Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Potential

discover and develop successful in life

1. Drunkenness, Intake Of Drugs, And Smoking Of Weeds

Drunkenness, intake of drugs, and weeds have really dealt with many people who would have done better in every work of life.

Many intelligent and talented people today mostly youths, are hanging around without any sense of direction. Because they failed to develop what they have in them.

”No wonder Proverbs 20:1 said that Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging, and whoever is deceived by it is not wise.” Meaning that wise people shouldn’t go after them.

2. Thinking You know It All

To become the version of success you want to be. You must subject yourself to learning and never give up on it. Learning is the beginning of good health, wealth, and spirituality, etc.

Push yourself to learn more and make learning your priority and stop thinking you know it all. Challenge your mind constantly by being relentless about your own development to be successful in life.

Don’t be lazy with learning. Understand you only get one life, so don’t settle for average. Strive to do better. Strive to achieve more by changing your habits and you can change your life.

3. Laziness

Lazy people want success to happen instantly and with insignificant effort. But success isn’t an overnight thing. Otherwise, everyone would be millionaires.

If we must succeed in this life we must adjust and adapt to hard-working. Because gold cannot be found at the surface but under the deepest part of the earth.

We need to wake up and look for those hidden talents in our lives. If we must live fine and meet up with our financial responsibilities.

And the only way this can be achieved is by digging deep until we make it. Hard work brings blessings, so, don’t waste your time wandering around, looking for someone who will supposedly make you rich.

The truth is that giving you fish cannot make you a fisherman. In the same manner, giving you money cannot make you rich.

Therefore, work and not beg, in other to become the rich man or woman you dreamed of. And never you be satisfied with where you are now. To avoid having what you are satisfied with tomorrow.

4. Self-comparison

Self-comparison is the most dangerous way to hurt your self-admiration and love. It is also a way of bringing depression and anxiety to your very self. 

It is capable of leading you into believing that life has been unfair and difficult for you.  Have you ever asked yourself this question? The person you are comparing yourself with. Does he have the same destiny as yours?

Most times we don’t have full knowledge of the difficulty others are experiencing while wishing to be like them. Just try to be you, and be the best of you.

By setting your own standards of creativity and never comparing your existence, knowledge, capability, and even your destiny to someone else’s.

5. Saying “Yes” To Everything And Everyone

Anyone who wishes to get to his or her destiny must be a person of choice. One who is always ready to say ”NO” at the right time, without minding what anyone would say or do. 

People who have difficulties in saying no are usually people who want to please and make everybody happy at their own expense. Most times they become exhausted and shattered.

Because no matter how hard they try to please others, they can never do enough to please or satisfy them. That’s why it’s quite good to say “NO” whenever you need to.

6. Surrounding Yourself With Negative Minded People

First of all, take a good look at the class of friends you have around you. Are they supportive and positive-minded people? Or are they deadly to be around? 

Nothing ruins one’s potential like negative minded people. People who abuse or neglect your worth. People who think all about themselves and never care about your feelings.

So, let go of those deadly friends and learn to spend your time with friends who will support you and help you actualize your dreams in life. 

7. Lack of courage. 

Every success needs courage. A lot of people today do not summon the courage to live their dreams because they are afraid of failure, death, and even the risk that is attached to it.”

Creativity requires taking chances and being courageous. But fear is the biggest enemy of creativity. Everything about life is all about risk. And remember that the risk you take today makes you stronger and better tomorrow.

Therefore, anyone who wishes to make it in life must be courageous and ready to take a risk. Because it takes courage to take a risk even when it seems impossible.

It also takes courage to sacrifice and make your dreams come to reality. Permit me to say that it is appropriate to say that without courage, there would be no success.

Most times we don’t even know that those things we are afraid of are also afraid of us. If you are fearful of taking chances to venture into anything to avoid failure. The truth about it is that you will certainly fail.

8. Thinking Your Decisions Is Final

If you want to discover and develop your God-given potential and also become the best version of yourself in this life. You should always be open to other people’s ideas, thoughts, and opinions. 

We need other people to help us actualize our potentials. The talent we have cannot be developed by us alone. Because no man is an island of knowledge.

Some people believe that when they take other people’s opinions, they are making themselves less human beings. But that is never true.

Understand that every human being is pregnant with knowledge needing someone who would stand as a midwife to help him deliver his knowledge.

Finally: Stand to your feet and work for the best of your tomorrow. And do not wait until some magic falls from the sky to turn your dreams into reality.

Success is all about sustaining an enthusiastic attitude even when nothing is working. Be consistent, persistent, and determined to be successful in life.

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