5 Powerful Tools To Overcome Fear And Anxiety

5 Powerful Tools To Overcome Fear And Anxiety

Overcome fear and anxiety… Fear is what we face on a daily basis. It is so real that it is almost noticed whenever it comes to any individual.

Though, most times we fear both the known and the unknown, such as the fear of death, fear of failure, fear of people and the list goes on and on.

Fear is perhaps man’s worst enemy as it decreases the will to fight. And also darkens the mind’s natural ability to seek opportunities by weakening the spirit completely.

Dictionary defined the word “FEAR” as an expectation or worry about something bad or unpleasant. Fear is so dangerous that it has both spiritual and health implications.

It is a False Expectations Appearing to be Real”. Which means that they only appear to be real but are actually not.

Types Of Fears

There are several phobias which range from reasoning and understanding things one should be wary of. Not necessarily to be afraid of them, even to ones that will literally have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

They include:

  • Fear of Ghosts
  • Fear of Accidents
  • Fear of Demon
  • Fear of People
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Menstruation
  • Fear of Death
  • Fear of Evil Spirit etc. 

Fear has an all-around effect on us- spiritually, physically, and even mentally. We are going to take a look at them one after the other:




1. Mental:

Research has proven that fear can reduce or completely stop the formation of long term memories and even cause damage to some vital parts of the brain.

With fear comes anxiety which on its own can lead to several health hazards. The moment we allow fear to habitus, it goes straight to the brain and memories.

Stays there and begins to multiplicate such that we begin to fear everything. The chronic stage of this is that the victims become even scared to live.

Fear leads to weakness, depression, madness, sometimes deaths (suicide most often), etc. All these impacts are dangerous on the mental health of anyone possessed by it.

2. Physical:

The physical implications of fear are always very visible. For instance, it can cause internal problems such as irregular bowel movements, ulcer, and even decreases fertility.

It reduces endurance and leads to weakness. Fear leaves you spent and exhausted of all the energy. Which ought to have been channeled into productive ventures.

It makes one act and looks rude and incompetent. Take, for instance, if it is an interview and you are already afraid, and become nervous and jittery.

You sweat more than normal (even if the air conditioner is on the highest), you may also begin to stammer. It also slows down your brain processing speed and ability to react.

When fear sets in, however, it diminishes our thinking and decision-making ability leaving us responsive to high emotions and on the spot events.

The result is that we act unreasonably and without a second thought.

3. Spiritual:

It even has spiritual implications (to show you how serious it is). From a spiritual viewpoint, the moment fear walks into the door, faith walks right out.

You begin to doubt God’s ability and when this happens, the devil disarms your already loosed guards. A glaring example in the Bible is King Saul. When it was time to do battle.

Samuel the prophet specifically told Saul to wait for him to come and do the sacrifice. He delayed and in a state of fear, Saul panicked and then did the sacrifice himself.

Samuel was angry and passed instant judgment on him, which made the kingdom of Israel to be taken from him and was given to his servant, David.

He also lost his life and that of his three sons on the battlefield. This is only one in several instances of what fear did to people in the Bible.

Fear is one of the devil’s most effective tools against believers and he has been using it to torment and oppress them which the result is spiritual laxity and slavery.

As a Christian, God has empowered you with weapons of warfare- prayers, the scriptures, etc to fight the devil. But when the devil managed to steps in.

He will make you lose focus on the word of God and then he strikes. This is the singular reason why a lot of Christians have been and are still being defeated until today.

But the good news, however, is that we can fight fear (spiritually and physically).
We only need to have a positive mindset, a resolute spirit and then we can actually fight it to a standstill.

From the spiritual aspect, we need to anchor on the word of God and prayers to successfully discharge fear from our lives.

Some of the tips to fight “FEAR” include the following:


Overcome Fear And Anxiety


Take a Break: It would be absolutely impossible to overcome fear when your whole mind is flooded with thoughts.

Therefore give yourself a break, take time out to leave the scene, or simply find a distraction from it.

You can play music, watch a movie, sleep, take a walk, etc. Whatever you choose to do does not matter what matters are that you are taking your mind off the issue.

Think Less: You ought to have known by now that no amount of thinking or worrying can change any ugly situation instead it worsens it.

Because it will affect your health and ability to find a reasonable solution. The moment you realize that no matter how much you think and imagine all the worst things that can be (but are not).

Then you will begin to realize that most fears are unfounded. Focus on and be in the moment and do not let the current situation define you.

Channel those strength which you are using to think and cry about your situation into finding a lasting solution to that particular problem.

Face It: Facing your fear instead of running away from or avoiding them is the first step towards overcoming them.

Face them head-on and tell yourself that you won’t surrender or back down no matter how terrifying the wave might be.

First of all, understand it could happen to anyone, therefore do not begin to think that what you are going through is peculiar to you alone.

That is not true. Life is full of ups and downs and what you are going through can happen to anyone else. Also, learn to challenge those fearful thoughts when they set in.

For how long are you going to shut yourself out from doing normal things. Or even things that make you happy just because you are afraid of them.

Share Your Fears: A problem shared is a problem half-solved they said. Well, that is the same as your fears. Talking about what you are going through to a friend or relatives can be of good.

Because if the person has had such a similar experience. They may be willing to share theirs, and the lesson you will learn from them can go a long way in helping you solve your own fear.

Therefore, talk to your partner, close friends, or family members (whichever you feel most comfortable with) about your fears.

They should be people who are reliable and whom you can trust with your innermost fears and secrets. Their advice and suggestions might be everything you have been looking for.

Reward Yourself: You definitely deserve to treat yourself to something nice. whatever it is that is giving you sleepless nights, look beyond the now to the after.

It could be death, loss of everything you hold dear or have labored for, heart attack, etc. Whatever it may be.

Never forget that life is not perfect neither is our lives. As long as we continue to live there will be bad days, good days, and dirty days.

So just as the sun goes up and comes down, the fear will diminish and things will get back to normal again.

From the spiritual standpoint, here are some scriptures to guide you when you are at your profound state:

Isaiah 43:1: “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you, I have called you by my name, you are mine. This is like a command from God not to fear.

The phrase ” do not fear ” is used at least eighty times in the Bible. Emphasizing how important it is. Here God is specifically telling us that we are his and when he is for us, no one can be against us.

Deuteronomy 31: 8: “He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged”. If only Christians remember and memorize this particular Bible passage, the Devil will have nothing on us.

1 John 4: 18: “Perfect love casts out all fear”. You may wonder how love can possibly cast out fear. But on closer meditation, you will understand that God is love-the perfect love.

So when we get closer to him he casts out all fear that we may be having. So the closer we are to God, the lesser we have anything to fear.

Psalm 18: 2: ”The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer” what else could be clearer than this? If God is all these and more, what can possibly go wrong? Nothing.

All these and more have been kept for your use. So that when the devil strikes with his favorite tool. We can match him with faith, prayers, and the word of God.

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