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Why I Should Say Goodbye, To My Yesterday

Why I Should Say Goodbye, To My Yesterday

Anyone who wants to achieve his or her lifetime aspirations must have nothing to do with his negative yesterdays. For that lays the secret of those that have succeeded and those who failed in life.

When I say my yesterday. I mean those demoralizing weapons in your memory. Which tells your inward man every day that this is the end of the road for you.

Some people’s tomorrow has been destroyed and shattered. As a result of what yesterday’s mistakes keep on telling and whispering into their ear.

These set of people now live on the spirit of I don’t think that I would make it. In their eyes, everything has become impossible for them.

That I tried it yesterday and I didn’t succeed does not mean I won’t succeed again. Failure is a thing of mentality, attitude, and agreement. What you believe is what will work for you.

Any day you begin to see yourself as a failure in this life. It will automatically become a part of how you feel. And from how you feel, it would affect the way you think, believe and talk.

But when you say to your self no, I refuse to accept failure, I will make it you see the feelings will vanish and you will become a success.

I will, or I can, is word failure will never like to hear from you. Because any day you start using those words your mentality about success will change automatically.

That you were unable to make it yesterday, does not make you a failure forever. Rather what makes you a failure is your inability to rise when you fall.

Believing you cannot rise again and making you give up totally. Remember some of the things that look like a failure in our eyes and thought.

It may just be a test to know how determined we are on the road of success. Sometimes God may deliberately put it on your way to stop you from going the wrong way.

Which may not take you to your destiny or future, in other for you to look for another better way which He, God wanted you to follow.

Murdock said, “Yesterday failure can become today’s success”. Why then should you relax? Why not get up so that your problems will sit down.

By deleting every stored information that has to do with your past failure and wrongdoings. Just as one would delete stored information in a computer or handset that he/she no longer needs.

Never you allow your past mistakes to become a memorial in your life but should be cremated and not embalmed.

Because, if you go on keeping it, thinking it or saying it, you will find it difficult to hit your destiny.

your yesterday

So, be courageous, for you are not made to die in your training ground. But to live and tell the story of how you were able to overcome the hurdles, thorns, rough and narrow road of success.

Understanding that people who are great and successful today are not people who have never witnessed failure before.

But those who refused to accept or succumb to failure and it’s tricks. Good things in this life are always surrounded by problems and difficulties.

So that it wouldn’t be gotten by those who are easily intimidated by fear and failure. Or those who are lazy, that are not ready to take a risk.

That is why wherever there is honey, you must be conscious of bees. Wherever there is a diamond, the serpent is inevitable.

Anyone who wants gold must be ready to dig deep. Wherever there is money, there are thorns, thistle, and hard labor as well.

Therefore, if you really want your today to overcome your yesterday, and your tomorrow to overcome your today.

You must forget about yesterday’s failure, and focus on tomorrow’s success. The indisputable truth is that your yesterday has gone and can never be reversed.

And you can not change your yesterday, but you can do something today that can change your tomorrow.

May you never poison, kill, or destroy your future with the pains and mistakes of your past”

But face life with determination and a positive mental attitude. A determination that your yesterday can never weigh you down in the pursuit of your destiny in life.

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