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Why You Should Discover Your God Giving Potentials

Why You Should Discover Your God Giving Potentials

Reasons why you should discover your God giving potentials. Potential: An ability that you have that can be developed to help you become successful in life.

It’s said that if there is no discovery there will be no recovery. It has also been observed that it is what is in us that matters most on our way for development.

That very gift which is deposited in us by our creator, that has not been developed has been the set back we have.

Everybody has a potential that is buried in him. But only goes into action immediately the owner discovered it and put it into work.

It’s only that hidden potential that makes one into becoming a powerful leader, author, thinker, teacher, inventor, business merchant, etc.

As the water that sustains coconut was deposited into coconut by God. So do God deposit one potential or the other to every individual on earth.

To help us succeed in life, which only works when discovered. There is in us what will make our dreams work perfectly.

God did not create anybody to be a failure. Rather He made everyone, to be careers of one potential or the other.

But if one refuses to discover and develop his or her potentials, he may become a failure.

The ability is in us, no one is to develop it for another. Though, someone else may set it on fire by reminding you that you have a potential.

Which you can also quench by refusing to act or to put it in practice. If we relax about it and take it for granted, we may die with it undeveloped.


Most people only stopped at having dreams, t
alking of what they want to do or be, the kind of dreams they have for themselves.

But would never put their abilities to work. As a result of laziness, I don’t care attitude, and not willing to work habits.


And diligently put on your best into your everyday activity. For you are created to overcome, and not to be overcome.

Most people who are supposed to be relevant to their generations to a great extent are not today.

Because they fail to discover their potentials. And even those that managed to discovered theirs, were not able to make use of them.

The secret of those who are doing well more than their peers. Are those who were able to discover their potentials and made good use of them.

And today they are pillars, that the society is looking for. When a man who discovered his potentials and dreams, put them into action.

Whatever he does anything. Appears to people around as if he is using charms or magic.

Everyone has a God-given gift with which he can function effectively in his area of specialization. 

The tragedy that befalls a person working outside his own scope has no boundary.
I advise you to try all you can to make your dream a reality and contribute meaningfully to your generation.
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