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The Invaluable Key To Success (PERSEVERANCE)

The Invaluable Key To Success (PERSEVERANCE)

Perseverance they say leads to manifestations. It is the invaluable key to success. It is the quality that allows someone to continue trying to do something. 

Even when the situation seems to be tough and difficult. If you have a problem just give it this pill called “perseverance” it will be solved.

Because the only word, problems are afraid of is extra-time. Which can only be gotten through perseverance? 

The only difference between a failure and a champion is that the champion added madness to his former state by persevering, then he became a champion.

There are many things out there waiting to discourage you if you have not identified with perseverance.

Many people who were supposed to be great in their own time could not because they didn’t put it into practice. Great men and women don’t easily give up!

For example:

The scripture provided the premises for it in Luke 18:1-5. And he spoke a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;

Saying, there was a city judge, which feared not God, neither regarded men: And there was a widow in that city, and she came unto him.

And said, avenge me of my adversary. And he would not for a while; but afterward, he said, within himself, Though I fear not God, nor regard man.

Yet because of this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me.

The widow learned to persevere to pass in whatever she did hence; she won the heart of the judge.

If she had been discouraged by the insult poured upon her by the judge, her problem would have swallowed her up.

If you are pursuing your destiny, people may begin to pursue your troublesomely but never mind. Disappointment never comes to a person without expectations.

Persevere to pass until your disappointment turns into an appointment.


The Invaluable Key To Success

Anything that cost nothing can cost you nothing. But if it cost something it must cost you something. That is why you need to persevere to pass in your life pursuit. 

Nehemiah was a man like us, He persevered to pass in his own time. His story had it that when he was asked by the king of Persia to go and rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. 

That he faced a lot of discouragements from their neighboring towns. The people are known as Sanballat and Tobiah with Geshem the Arabian and other enemies. 

They threatened him so much, that if he had not persevered. He would have run away and hidden in the temple. But he persevered hence the Wall of Jerusalem was finished. 

In the twenty and fifth day of the months in fifty and two days. (Neh. 6:1-19) You never can know what is in you until you face challenges of life. 

There is no shortcut to success! A shortcut can only end up cutting you short! Any success without challenges is not a success indeed. 

Because if somebody said that he succeeded, then the question should be from what did he succeed? 

You don’t stay at home and be declared a champion. Rather people have declared champions in the field.

Guess what takes place in the field- wrestling, football, running, jumping, etc. If you really want to be declared a success or a champion, desire for challenges to come.

If you persevere to pass through it patiently then you will have your success story to tell soon. Winners simply do what losers don’t do longer.

That there are a lot of challenges in what you are about doing now. It is not an indication that it is a place made for you.

Most people who are great today had no place made and prepared for them to enjoy and stay at peace.

But they persevered until the place becomes a permanent place for them.

Most times when you are where you will succeed. Obstacles may come to test you. And if you don’t persevere you may run away and the devil will laugh at you.

Any road that leads to an important place or a place of success is usually full of troubles, obstacles, and difficulties unless otherwise.

Success can never be achieved in a platter of gold. Therefore, If you want to be among the happening people in society, be ready for what goes with it.


Anyone who wants to be Elijah must be ready to attract Jezebel. If you want to be Moses, be ready to attract Pharaoh.

To be Samson, you must be ready to attract Delilah. If you want to be Joseph, be ready for Potiphar’s wife. David attracts Bathsheba and Goliath.

Likewise, Joshua who also attracts Achan. While Isreal attracts battles. The Apostles attracts the Roman Government. The three Hebrew boys attract fire.

Adam and Eve attract the apple and serpent. Abraham as the father of faith attracts Sarah a barren woman for 25 years etc…

You must understand that every job is attached to its sufferings and difficulties. But if you will persevere till the end. You will certainly sing the song of victory.

A young man called Chidiebere said when he was twelve years old that his father offered him, honey, one morning.

After thanking him for the honey. His father asked him whether he liked it, and he said yes. According to him, his father smiled and drew him towards himself and said:

Chidiebere my son, I know you like honey, Honey is good. Everybody likes it, but not everybody can get it from the beehives.

It is only those who are ready to contend with the bees and the bee stings that can really get honey.

What Chidiebere’s father told him is also applicable to all who desire to lick honey? Perseverance is the answer. Because it takes courage, I mean real courage to get honey from the bees.

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