Have A Right Choice Of Word

Have A Right Choice Of Word

The tongue is the most difficult thing to control in this life. it can make man and also can destroy man. And can leave one with great regret if we use it wrongly.

The Bible made us know that tongue has incredible power, that can be used to bring blessings and life, or curses and death.

According to the book of 1 Peter 3:10, which says that “Whoever would love life and see good days must keep their tongue from evil and their lips from deceitful speech.

That was why Jesus promised us the Holy Spirit to help us to overcome the power of the tongue.

You can have power and control over your tongue. Only if you will allow the HOLY SPIRIT to have control over you and over your life.

Any wise person would always bite his words before saying it out. Because, once it is said, it is said. It either brings good results or bad results.

Observation has shown that a boy’s heart and zeal for education, position, etc. can be stimulated or destroyed by his parent’s words.

Words are what makeup children and their parents and their loved ones, they are not cheap. And it’s highly regarded in society. In fact, the world lays in the hands of words.

By words, the world can be marred or made. Hence, God used words to create the world contribute a lot to their lives in terms of words. Most people do use abusive words on their children, which can affect their futures.

For example, if you always call your child an idiot, what do you expect he will behave like when he grows up. Words are like seeds that you sow in the soil, it will take some time before it will germinate.

Any word you sow in your children’s lives today will definitely germinate tomorrow.


Hence, the Bible affirms that life and death are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it shall eat the fruit thereof (Prov. 18.:21).

A wife who always uses abusive words on her husband is not a good wife, likewise the husband. After being tormented by others outside, the husband is expecting to have a warm welcome at home.

Only to receive a second insult at home from the cantankerous wife. It is unfair, It has been observed that words of wives to the husbands reflect in their daily activities.

A good wife always learns how to make good use of words toward her husband. Instead of her to complain and begin to abuse her husband.

When he is going out for his job (because he didn’t keep enough money on the table for food)”… She puts her arms around him with a smile on her face and says.

That’s’ all right dear, you will get a better job one day. The husband goes out the next morning inspired by the touch of her lips.

And her words have filled him with courage and confidence. He leaves her heart filled with joy and gladness, and he says ” what a woman you gave me Lord!

Because she has learned the secret of words”. When we learn to have a choice of words, that is when it will be said that we are matured.

Because mature people think before they talk. They don’t just open their mouths and start saying whatever that comes into their mouths.

Remember Many are in one problem or the other today as a result of what they said. It’s only a fool that does say whatever he thinks.

The scripture affirms this when it says “Intelligent people think before they speak; what they say then, is more powerful and effective.

Prov. 16:23, Bad words bring confusion in a person’s heart, and tears in a person’s eye. Words can give encouragement or discouragement. It can also build faith in somebody’s life or faithlessness.

So, let s be careful of the words we are choosing to address our fellow human beings. Any word you know that will bring heart failure to someone, don’t use it.

Don’t contribute to what breaks people’s hearts but in what builds up heart and faith. Your lips should be kept to say beautiful things which are helpful and comforting.

This should be your part to play in life and don’t make yourself a rumor monger. For rumors are produced by the enemies; carried by the ignorant and accepted by the fools.

Let not your hand, be found in any of these three categories of people. Be wise, and you will become a fountain of water.

It’s by your words you can be judged. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Your words can catapult you to a higher position, in society.

And also introduce you to the people of high reputation and position if you have the right choice of the word. 

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