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The Benefit Of Having The Right Attitude

The Benefit Of Having The Right Attitude

Don’t be like the man at the pool who replied to Jesus I have nobody. Having the right attitude and mindset is the best thing that could happen to any individual.

Many started so well but never strived to make higher imprints in life. It is not enough to tell stories about what you had, where you were and things you did.

Many started so well in life but never attempted to make higher imprints in life. Stagnancy is one of the things the devil uses to intimidate every child of God especially those who would have been at the top.

One may be tempted to believe that it is not of necessity for everybody in life to be at the top.

Yet people and almost everyone that is positive in thinking will agree with me that stagnancy is not of God.

We serve a supreme being who is interested in our future, progress, and well-being. Most of the time people go about complaining.

About their family background, education, and society. These excuses do not in any way translate to valid reasons for failure and mediocrity.

Some people see themselves as victims. So much occupy the minds of such people, that they see themselves as mistakes and nobodies.

And of course irrelevant because they came from a poor background. It’s not absolute that your family must be rich before you become outstanding when you decide to stand out.

All you need is a separation from the negative minded people.

Then you become a distinguished personality. There is something one needs more than education and talent which will take such a person from that level to the next level of life.

A lot of people have been carried away by their yesterdays (i. e. the past) and they are satisfied with the place and level they are.

Remember some are born great, some achieve greatness while some have greatness entrusted upon them.

You have the ability to excel in life and can become great. When you allow yourself to be endowed with the enabling power that comes from above.

You can move from the level you are today to the level of your life when you put on the right attitude towards life.

One of the statements the devil always uses to deprive us of our rights as true sons and legitimate children of God is “I don’t have anybody”.

That was why when Jesus met the crippled man at the pool. The devil quickly gave him an answer when Jesus asked him a simple question that demanded.

Yes or No’ in the book of John 5:7. The devil knows that our mindset is what will make us or destroy us. 

That is why he makes some of us feel inferior and sometimes as nobody and then occupies their minds with negative thoughts.

”I have nobody” has nothing to do with the question that was asked. 

So many people today are like that man at the pool. They possessed talents, potentials, certificates of different levels, ideas, and initiatives that should take them.

Their families and society to a greater height, yet ‘I have nobody’ has become their slogan.

They rather roam about the streets. become professional beggars than accomplishing the purpose by which they were created.

“I have nobody” has sent so many to their early graves; it has filled our streets with school dropouts, robbers, prostitutes, liabilities, etc.

Do not forget that your future is not in the hand of man, but in God’s hand, you can decide to be relevant today.

This thought alone can change you, and until you have true knowledge about your true being you will remain a complainant.

If only you will see yourself through the eyes of God then you will see God acting on your behalf, because you are God’s workmanship.

Remember it’s your tomorrow that matters not yesterday, and your today gives birth to your tomorrow.

Do not brag or make so much noise about what you achieved yesterday, for they no longer count in your tomorrow.

That is why you see people from very rich and wealthy families today. But tomorrow a different story will be told of them. 

Any man who was successful and never had the tomorrow of his family in mind is a failure because when he dies, everything ends and dies with him.

Therefore, do not be carried away by your father’s wealth. It can bring about insolence and a decrease of self-worth. 

Thereby rendering you useless; a never do well and excuse giver. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, you can change your story today.

It is possible your yesterday might have been so rough and shattered that you think you can’t make it again.

The power you need, the person that can bring God’s original plan in your life. Which is available to cleanse, change, reform, relocate, re-establish, and renew your life.

Jeremiah 29:11 says it all, That He knows the thoughts He thinks toward us, saith the Lord. Thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give us an expected end.

God’s original plan towards us, His people is to give us an expected end. This promise is for those that have expectations, not for lazy people.

Not for those that cannot produce, rather they consume and criticize other people’s effort and productivity. Without thinking of how to produce.

A good number of youths are liabilities to their parents, while their mates are busy struggling to secure their tomorrow.

Remember they say you cannot have your cake and eat it. Therefore stand up now and challenge your contemporaries!

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